We’ve set out to renew the vehicular action game!

Light Trail Rush offers you complete navigation freedom, there’s no predefined circuit, it’s up to the players to create the track.

Light Trail Rush is an arcade-style hybrid of vehicular brawler and free-flow 3D space flight. Eight players compete for points in a frenetically-paced atmosphere, where 1st place draws the track and the seven other players aim to push other ships off the track or overtake the lead. 

Light Trail Rush is a premium game on Steam and consoles. You may test the free pre-alpha version available on Steam. 

The race leader TRACER

‘designs’ the track in real-time as they fly in 3D using plane-like controls, attempting to throw their challengers off-track while gaining points throughout the duration of their reign.

The other players CHASERS

race behind and attempt to overtake and become the new tracer.
The winner is the first player to hit the set point total.

Key Features

  • Up to 8 players challenging each other through high score and ranking
  • Asymmetric gameplay offering an infinite and renewable experience
  • Procedurally generated environment maps
  • Strong interactions with the environment
  • High cosmetic customization of the ships
  • Community driven game

PC & Cosoles

The Lore

After centuries of space expansion, conflicts emerged over the control of Ambrosium, the most coveted resource in the Galaxy.

When the Pax Ambrosia Treaty ended the war, the defeated and battered Houses were forced to surrender all Ambrosium trade rights to the Konsortium. Although the Treaty has brought peace, the unfair distribution of resources and power has resulted in a growing violent underground rebellion against Konsortium.

Konsortium uses Light Trail competitions as a peace keeping endeavour to pacify the masses. Light Trail League is the most popular sport in the Galaxy. With competitions attended by billions, the sport serves as a popular as well as political outlet. Heroes of the Light Trail League bring hope and pride to the underclass.

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