Confront • Challenge • Brawl • Win

Join the space brawl in Light Trail Rush.

This game is fast like Wipeout, community-driven like Rocket League
and brings user-generated tracks like TrackMania.

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  • Play this fast paced, arcade-style brawler game
  • Navigation freedom
  • Draw unique tracks
  • Defy challengers
  • Own NFT in-game assets
  • Compete with friends
  • Win to collect points and prizes

Tracer vs Chasers


TRACER: designs the track

The tracer designs the track in real-time

  • Build challenging tracks
  • Confuse your opponents
  • Win points!

CHASERS: the brawlers

Chasers confront other chasers

  • Trick opponents into crashing
  • Send chanllengers off the road
  • Win points and claim the top rank!

Light Trail Rush comes with four ships you can choose from:


Merlin offers the fastest acceleration when using boost-ups. Preferrable for experienced players


Go for Firebird if you’re after speed! Experienced players will love it.


The most shock resistant ship, well suited for brawling. Recommended for beginners to intermediate players.


Urumi ship offers the best maneuverability, the best choice when starting to play Light Trail Rush

The Lore

After centuries of space expansion, conflicts emerged over the control of Ambrosium, the most coveted resource in the Galaxy.

When the Pax Ambrosia Treaty ended the war, the defeated and battered Houses were forced to surrender all Ambrosium trade rights to the Konsortium. Although the Treaty has brought peace, the unfair distribution of resources and power has resulted in a growing violent underground rebellion against Konsortium.

Konsortium uses Light Trail competitions as a peace keeping endeavour to pacify the masses. Light Trail League is the most popular sport in the Galaxy. With competitions attended by billions, the sport serves as a popular as well as political outlet. Heroes of the Light Trail League bring hope and pride to the underclass.

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