Light Trail rush Game Updates: New UI, Better UX & The Blockchain Mechanics

State of The Game

We are very pleased to launch the Light Trail Rush new build
on 12th March 2020

The new version will still be free on Steam and offers all the goodness we leveraged using the engine Unity HDRP. All actions will feature VFX providing a more immersive experience.

With the migration to Unity HDRP, a lot of development time was allocated to adapting the previous version. Shaders developed on Amplify Shader Editor were redone on Shader Graph (Unity), a necessary  step to integrate HDRP.  

The new User Interface will give better feedback to players engaged in a fast-paced game where every split second counts, for any decision-making.

  • We polished the garage, it’s looking good with more depth and light effects.
  • The UI has been improved on the customisation of ship parts.
  • A whole new interface will facilitate the management of players in a game (invitation system, chat).
  • Players will get a whole new experience at the end of the game (MVP system, Personal stats).
  • We have also added features such as game XP and personal levelling.

Up to eight players play each race, with the leader or Tracer designing the track as they fly.

The beauty of this approach is each track is unique, with the Tracer in control of the action.

Behind them, the Chasers race, using their speed, manoeuvrability and power-ups to overtake, in turn becoming the next Tracer and attempting to rack up enough points to be crowned the winner.

If you haven’t already done so, sign up to claim your Steam key, still free in its alpha version.

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