NFT Flash Sale: new cool hologram effect

Making blockchain mechanics fun!

We are pleased to introduce 3 new NFTs in the form of holograms:
Octopus, Lizard, Hat

We minted 50 NFTs of each and sold at 0.07 ETH from 25th January to 3rd February, going back to their regular price (0.1 ETH) thereafter.

Players owning NxC

Players will be able to add a hologram on any Light Trail Rush ship.
Those who own NxC (Nexium), will be able to load their holograms with NxC tokens and trade their new NFTs on the market place in ETH.

There are levels of charge, resulting to changes in light effects and size variation of the hologram.

1. Basic
2. Charge
3. Supercharge

All visuals are subject to change (to a better version) when integrated in-game.

As for the production of Light Trail Rush, the official release date is May 2020. The blockchain mechanics with in-game hologram NFTs as described above is already in development and we’re steering toward full integration for March 2020 at the latest.

Get Lizard
Get Hat

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